Frequently asked questions


Are leases yearly?

Yes, but on occasion we have the ability to lease a unit for less than a year. Please call to inquire.

Do you do any short term leases?

See FAQ #1.

Are utilities included?

No. (3 additional utilities = NYSEG $150 monthly approximate (gas and electric), Bolton Point $100 quarterly approximate (water and sewer), Solid Waste $300 yearly (Cassela Garbage and Recycling).

Can we sublet?

Yes. Landlord approval and roommates need to accept sublet, sublet needs to sign on original lease and put down a minimum $500 security deposit, plus there is a sublet fee of $250.

Are units furnished?


Is it WIFI and cable accessible?

Yes, through Spectrum ISP.

Is the complex walking distance from Cornell?

Yes, it is 1 mile from the Main Campus.

Is it on the TCAT bus route?

Yes, Bus 82 goes every 15 minutes to Cornell (

Who lives in the complex?

Primarily Cornell Graduate students, some professors, retired folks, and young professionals.

Do you accept pets?

Yes, but only certain breads (we do not accept Pit Bulls, Rottweilers or German Shepherds for insurance reasons). Maximum number of pets per unit = 3 (can not exceed). First pet = no additional charge; 2nd pet = $25 extra monthly; and 3rd pet = $25 extra (total extra for 3 pets $50).

What are the unit prices with utilities?